Easy 1-on-1 and Group Video Conferencing Calls with Kalysys

Stop wasting time using different tools for video calls. With Kalysys, your client is just one click away. Just click and talk. Add multiple team members for group calls

It’s really simple to use. You can quickly engage in a web conference with no installation needed. It only takes one click to join a video meeting from your computers, smartphones, or tablets. This makes it easier for you and your clients to have consistent communication across devices for seamless user experience.

Why Use Kalysys Video Conference?

Unlimited videoconference time. Unlimited participants.

This means more time to chat with more people to join in. It’s Ideal or 1 on 1, but even perfect for remote teams.

100% Encryption for Safe Calls

All Kalysys voice, video and chat messages are encrypted. This protects you from potential eavesdropping by malicious users.

Screen-Sharing (Desktop, Window, Browser Tab)

From images to presentations, screen sharing makes collaboration easy. With integrated screen sharing, simply choose which one you want to share (Desktop, Window or Browser Tab)

Chat Function ( Emojis included)

Simple the perfect choice if you want to continue hosting your stream or webinars in real-time

Screen Recording

With Kalysys Video Conference, you have the ability to capture and save your video calls.

Invite clients via simple custom URL

Just copy, paste and share the URL

Here are some of our satisfied clients that are happily using Kalysys to automate their practice.