On a mission to help you save time and focus on more important things than just filling out paperwork


Our team at Kalysys strives every day to make running your practice easier for you. Because we know how valuable your time can be.

We have worked with dietitians to test and retest Kalysys to create the platform it is today. Countless hours have been spent developing Kalysys to meet the needs of the industry and implement a system for Kalysys to continue improving via user feedback.

Hiring only top talent and dedicating a year to build a practice management software from the ground up, Kalysys was created to provide end-to-end operation assistance and complete business owner access. The outcome of all our hard work is the perfect platform for small to medium-sized businesses, one that alleviates the stress and pain of running a Private Practice. All delivered to you at an affordable price.

It is Kalysys’ vision to continue to push the boundaries and make running a private practice easier for Dietitians and the health and wellness industry globally.

Lez Yeoh

Founder & CEO

Lez Yeoh

Things you didn’t know:
– He’s a dad of two boys, Thomas and Liam
– He has a degree in Behavioural Neuroscience
– Favourite country is Italy

– Exploring new ideas
– Automating things
– Creating scalable solutions
– Helping businesses be efficient
– Playing golf

What’s he like?
He’s a pretty chilled, relaxed individual. He’s naturally introverted, but enjoys a chat and having
a kick to kick with his sons in the park

Kit Allen

Head of Technology

Kit Allen

Background / Things you didn’t know:
– He has a degree in Computer Science
– He comes from a family of musicians
– Loves to take things apart (and occasionally rebuild them)

– Solving problems
– Building websites
– Playing video games
– Spending time with his dog Luna
– Building keyboards & computers
– Archery

What’s he like?
He loves to have a joke and a chat. He is pedantic with his work, and easily develops passion
for projects. Some people say that he never sleeps, and lives on a diet consisting entirely of

Jaemes McArthur

Head of Growth

Xavier Mejia

Head of Customer Success

How it All Began…

The story begins with Lez catching up with his good friend Joel Feren, aka “The Nutrition Guy”. After a long hiatus from their academic years spent together, they each had the opportunity to revel in their paths and careers.

They never expected to spark something great over their next coffee…
Joel begrudgingly discussed his experiences and frustrations commonly found in running a private practice. Speaking mostly of the platforms he used and the inconsistency in quality programs available — Lez’s interests were piqued.

You see, Lez had spent the last 10 years automating processes and customizing existing systems. He had heard it all; including the endless feedback from clients that often relayed the same painful messages Joel iterated,

“Why do I need to pay to customize this system”, “Why do I need to pay consultants to fix this issue?”, “Why can’t there just be one system that just works for my industry?”.

That was Lez’s breaking point.

Taking it upon himself to start Kalysys, a practice management software developed with Dietitians, for Dietitians — Lez simply brought his experience of building technical solutions for large organizations into this platform designed for small to mid-sized businesses.

Lez went full circle, reminiscing back to his academic years in behavioral neuroscience that triggered a brilliant solution for modern practitioners. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign-up?

To join, you just need to click the “Sign-up Button, complete the required texted fields and press Enter.

We usually respond and set you up within 24 hours to set up a personalized 1-on-1 platform demo.

Why Should I Choose Kalysys over other competitors?

Excellent question! Kalysys is one of the best practice management software available in the market today. We offer enterprise-level custom features and security for FREE.
Having worked with dietitians and active practitioners on developing Kalysys, you can be sure you’re using one of the best practice management software available.

How can import data from my old software?

We provide free assistance in safely importing data directly into your new Kalysys account.

How do I know my data is secure?

Kalysys is HIPAA and GDPR Compliant. This means that our platform runs in a secure environment using the very latest encryption.

What if my staff need one-on-one training?

When you sign up for Kalysys, we usually do a free in-depth demonstration of the software. You can book in an additional demonstration at a time that you prefer.

What kind of Customer Support Do you Provide?

We offer free technical support via our dedicated team of support technicians, via telephone, email, and live video calls.