Kalysys Video Conferencing: How To Get Started – Create a New Video Appointment

To Create a New Video Appointment

This guide is for those who have just recently sign-up for Kalysys. We will go through the basic steps on how to set up a video appointment.

If you’re new to Kalysys and feel a little bit intimidated, don’t be, we have complete How-To videos to guide you on your first steps in setting up your account. Kalysys How-To Videos

Okay. Now let’s get started.

Let’s go to your Home / Quick Access Screen.

Step 1: Click  Appointments. You’ll then be directed to the Calendar Overview Screen.

Step 2: View Appointment Screen On the upper right-hand corner, click + New Appointment Button

Step 3: The Add Appointment Form will show -up. Fill up the fields with the necessary information.


Step 4: Select Video Appointment. Click the button. Once you press that, a custom shareable URL will show up.

Step 5 Share the link to your client and team. Once everyone has the link, all you need to do is to click the link and a new tab will open up. From there, the video conferencing will begin. Kalysys Videoconference allows an unlimited number of participants with no fixed time, unlike other platforms.

Not fond of reading the text?

No worries! Here’s a short video that clearly explains, in a visual way, what we’ve outlined in this article.