How to Get Started with SMS Marketing as a Dietitian

Looking for ways to grow your dietician practice? The year 2020 is here and it’s time for you to be your ‘new you’! Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss a new marketing channel that you definitely make use of – Text Messages. It’s quick and easy to create and provides excellent results for the money spent. Feeling excited? Let’s get started!

Why is Text Messaging So Important?

The instinct to check your phone whenever it dings is what SMS marketing makes the most of. Text messaging is a great medium to get the word out about your dietician practice as over 99% of the text messages you will send will be opened and read. Text messaging is very much in and almost 5 billion people send and receive messages daily. The best thing is the 85% of the modern-day consumers prefer receiving messages over a phone call!

Can Texting Really Work in Health Space?

Have no doubt about it – Texting is Email 2.0 and it’s all set to improve how you communicated with your patients. SMS marketing is very well designed for nurturing relationships with your patients via texts. Email is great, but text messages seem to have better open rates and that’s what you want as a professional looking to interact with your customers on a daily or weekly basis. 

Best Practices Involved in SMS Marketing

Here are some of the best practices involved in executing any SMS marketing campaign.

  1. Make sure you text your customers before 9 AM or after 9 PM. Keeping the texts business hour friendly is the way to gain more conversions.
  2. SMS Marketing is not just about promoting your practice. It is more about providing value which will then make the customer think about signing up. Send messages that are worth the read.
  3. The tone and language of your text messages should be consistent with your brand. Not just that, keep the messages the same across multiple platforms.
  4. If you can build a schedule for your text messages, nothing like it. Sending the texts on the same day every week will make your customers expect your messages.

Now, let’s go through some examples to know exactly what kind of promotions usually work these days.

What Can You Do in Text Promotions for Dietitians?

Here are a few basic themes of text promotions that you can use for your dietician practice.

  1. You can create an SMS marketing campaign to send out announcements of any new product or service.
  2. Many clinics have special loyalty programs for their customers. You can create a campaign especially for providing discounts or new offers.
  3. If you have a well-maintained record of your patients, you can always show courtesy and send out birthday wishes to them, making them feel special on their special day!
  4. SMS marketing campaigns can be used to send out daily or weekly health tips to your customers.
  5. You can invite your customers to contests and rewards them for participating in it.
  6. Finally, you can use SMS marketing to make sure you are asking for feedback from your customers. You can use them on your website or social accounts for gaining credibility.

We hope you liked this piece of content and would embark upon your SMS marketing campaign this very week! Let us know your doubts in the comments sections and we will be happy to help. Since you are here, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter as we bring all the latest updates from the world of marketing! 

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