Kalysys is Looking for Brand Ambassadors

Kalysys is Looking for Brand Ambassadors


Kalysys is run by a group of young, talented and solutions-oriented people ready to change the way dietitians and nutritionists run and manage their practices. 

Kalysys is the answer to maximizing time and putting an end to practice management stress. Easily book client appointments, send reminders, organise intake forms and so much more.


We need dietitians and nutritionists who can passionately share what the true value of Kalysys is, and that’s where you come in! 

Every brand ambassador will be thought partners in strategizing our marketing efforts, as well as be responsible for campaign management within their respective local communities. You will be working with amazingly awesome people striving together to change the way they run their nutritional practices. 

We aim to empower every dietitian and nutritionist.  We see you as our new partner, and yes, we’re looking to get serious. We need someone who understands our needs and will support us no matter what. We also want someone who will publicly announce their affection for us on social media. We’re looking for someone with passion and enthusiasm. We would love someone with the capability to be a leader, who’s willing to hustle and to get things done. 

If you’re resonating with these words and if you’re exclaiming “YES” in your head while reading, then we can’t wait to hear from you.

In exchange for commitment, we will provide the following:

  • The chance for you to partner with Kalysys and contribute hands on to our practice management platform. 
  • An invite to an exclusive opportunity for you to meet and network with fellow dietitians and nutritionists. 
  • Free access to our platform during the Beta Phase
  • Additional perks that you can’t refuse


For more information about our Brand Ambassador Program, email dominic@kalysys.com.au  

Looking forward to hearing from you!